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Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp opened to the public in July 1843, which converts this zoo in one of the oldest of the country. At the time of the opening, it had 1,59 hectares, but it grow up and has now an area of 10 hectares where they keep 5000 animals of 950 different species including penguins, zebras, elephants, buffalos, bears, coaties and other land species together with the aviary and the aquarium. In May 1953, Gust arrived at the zoo and he became the first gorilla of this animal park. Victoria, born in June 1968 and still at the park, was the first gorilla birth at Antwerp.

Gorilla's facility is composed by two publish enclosures and though both them are indoor, one of them is covered by glass and has some natural tree trunks, which gives it an outdoor look thanks to the light the roof allows to pass through it. The indoor bedroom, has concrete walls with some toys as enrichment. In both enclosures, the barrier between visitors and gorillas are high glass panels.

Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp keeps currently a group of three gorillas:







Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):

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