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Located in the capital of Holland, Amsterdam, Natura Artis Magistra was founded in May 1838 and has about 8200 animals of 780 different species, two museums, a planetary and an aquarium, including old buildings from the XIX century. They keep mammals, birds, marsupials, reptiles and primates among other animals. Artis' first gorilla was Babar, a two years old male that arrived from Congo and their first gorilla birth was a stillborn in 1992, but a year later, in April 1993, Awali was born to mother Dafina.

Gorillas and chimpanzees were kept at an old building till 1991, when a new enclosure was opened. It's a big yard with grass, rocks, plants and trunks where gorillas have visual contact with chimpanzees. There's also a big indoor bedroom with gangways, ropes and other toys as enrichment. The barriers between animals and visitors are mostly high glass panels that allows a closer view of gorillas.
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Artis Zoo keeps a group of nine gorillas:

 Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):

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