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Zoologischer Garten Berlin is one of the most importants zoos in Europe due to the so many different animal species (1550 in total) they keep. It was opened on August 1st 1844 as the first German zoo. They got their first gorilla in 1959, a female called Fatou, who still lives today at the zoo in a separated facility for herself and who gave to the zoo its first successfull gorilla birth when she gave birh in October 1974 to her baby Dufte.

Zoo Berlin's gorillas facility is a large and modern enclosure divided in two parts: a part where the reproductive group lives at, which has a big prairie and an indoor bedroom and a smaller facility where they keep Fatou to give her a quiter life separated from the other gorillas.

Zoo Berlin keeps five gorillas:








Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):
Gorilla Family - Berlin (Version 2)

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