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Bioparc Valencia is a new Spanish concept of zoo that means a completely different zoo comparing with other animal parks in the country. There are no visible barriers between animals and visitors and that generates a sensation for people that seems to be inside the animals' habitat. It was opened in 2008 as the continuation of the old Zoo de Viveros and its animals were moved there. They received their first gorillas, Catou and Dorle, in October 2007 from Zoo Duisburg, before the inauguration of the park to give them an adaptation time. The first gorilla birth happened in April 2012, when Fossey gave birth a baby which unfortunately died soon after birth, but in October of the same year, Ali gave birth to Ebo, a male sired by Mambie, who became the first successful gorilla birth for the park.

Gorillas' exhibit is included in the ape space of the park, where they keep chimpanzees and gorillas. There are two outdoor enclosures, which allows both gorilla groups to be on exhibit every days. The family's area measures 800 m2 and the bachelor's 2000 m2. Both them are grassy prairies provided with rocks and trees. The enclosure for the bachelor group, which is shared with mangabey monkeys, has a waterfall and a river crossing the yard and there is a tunnel for visitors over which gorillas can walk through. Both outdoor exhibits can be connected with a gate. Visitors can see gorillas from a lot of different points, and the barriers used to separate guests from animals are glass panels and water. moats There is a 450 m2 behind-the-scenes area formed by two indoor yards, an outdoor yard and ten interconnected bedrooms.

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Bioparc Valencia keeps currently two gorilla groups:















Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):

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