Founded in 1875, the Buffalo Zoo, located at 300 Parkside Ave in Buffalo, New York, is the third oldest zoo in the United States and the second largest tourist attraction in Western New York. Placed on 23.5 acres (9.5 ha) of Buffalo’s Delaware Park, the Zoo exhibits a diverse collection of 1200 wild and exotic animals, and more than 320 different species of plants. Between its major exhibits and most important species, we find the Sea Lion Cove, Otter Creek, Vanishing Animals, elephants or giraffes. The first gorilla imported to Buffalo Zoo was Samson, a two years old male who arrived from Congo in March 1962. He was joined nine months later by a female called Jonesie. Elmo was the first baby gorilla to born at this institution. In March 1990, female Becky gave birth to her baby Elmo, who was hand reared.

The gorilla exhibit, built in 1981, is located inside of an indoor pavilion. The enclosure is provided with a climbing wooden structure, a hammock, and a waterfall. Visitors can observe the gorillas through three glass viewing areas all around the enclosure.
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Buffalo Zoo keeps a family group of six gorillas:







Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):

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