Dubai Zoo is a 1.5-hectare located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was originally built in 1967, which means that it is the oldest zoo in the Arabian Peninsula. The zoo is member of WAZA and houses approximately 230 animal species, among these there are around 248 mammal specimens, including hyenas, lions, jaguars or giraffes. Endangered species include Socotra shag or cormorant, Bengal tiger, Arabian wolf or Siberian tiger between others. Their first gorilla, Digit, arrived in October 1996, and four years later, a female, Diana, was brought to the zoo to try to breed them, but as up to date, the couple did not have any offspring. The origin of both animals is unknown, but they were, presumably, captured in the wild in Africa because both them arrived to Dubai Zoo when being very young at the age of two and one year old respectively and there are no official reports about where did they come from.
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Dubai Zoo keeps a couple of gorillas:



Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):

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