Located in Phoenix Park, Dublin Zoo was opened in September 1831 and has an area of 28 hectares. The zoo is divided in different areas: World of Primates, African Plains, The Kaziranga Forest Trail...where they keep species such as asian elephants, lions, amur tiger or spider monkey. The zoo is part of many European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) like Golden Lion Tamarin or Moluccan or Molucan Cackatoo. Their first gorilla was an unnamed female that arrived from Congo in 1967 and that lived for very few days. Therefore, they imported five years later a couple from Cameroon, Gusto and Yinka. In 1992, Grace was born and became the first gorilla baby of the park. Her parents were Lena and Arti and she is still alive at Wuppertal.

Gorilla's facility is called "Gorilla Rainforest"and was opened in September 2011. It is composed by a big outdoor enclosure, which is a 12.000 square meters natural island surrounded by a water pit that visitors can circumambulate, provided with a lot of places to hide thanks to the high grass and trees to climb it has. The indoor area features the common ropes and hammocks and also a grid at the ceiling that gorillas use to climb.
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Dublin Zoo keeps a group of eight gorillas:









(Vana and Tebogo are not with the group yet).


Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):
Gorilla Family - Dublin (2016)
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