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GaiaZOO is located in Kerkrade and is a recent park that was opened in April 2005 based and inspirated in Apenheul Primate Park. It has an area of 25 hectares where they keep about 100 different species originally from Europe (owls, lynxs or otters), America (tapirs or monkeys) and Africa (giraffes, bongo, hippos...). They are members of some organizations such as EAZA or NVD and participate in many EEP programs. Their first gorillas arrived in March 2005 from Apenheul Primate Park (Netherlands) and they were two males and a female: Irala, Makula and M'Tonge. The first gorilla birth happened in six months after their arrival to Gaia, when Irala gave birth to her baby that died few minutes after birth. One year later (in August 2006), Irala gave birth again to Gaia, a female that grew up healthily till she died accidentally in 2010.

Gorillas live together with black mangabeys on a big outdoor island of 3443m² provided with a lot of trees and high grass to give the animals the privacy they need. There are also some climbing structures for both species. There are five indoor bedrooms for gorillas (29m², 36m², 41m², 44m² and 50m²) and three for the mangabeys, so they can be kept separated at night or when needed. The interior furnishing of the enclosures is made of wooden poles with some plateaus. These plateaus can be covered with straw or hay, in order to give the gorillas the opportunity to build nests for sleeping, and tree bark is used as substrate.

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GaiaZOO keeps a reproductive group of nine gorillas:














Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):
Gorilla Family - Kerkrade GaiaZoo (Version 3)
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