Launched on August 21st 2012, Gorillas Land is a webpage created by three gorillas lovers with the single purpose of bringing the most updated news from the world of gorillas and their habitats both in captivity and in the wild.

Gorillas Land is focused on several aspects. Our mission is not only to make a captive database of gorillas, but also to send and offer an educational message to our visitors by teaching them a bit more about gorillas as a species — to learn how do they live in the wild, which threats they are exposed to, and how many different species and subspecies there are of these amazing apes.

Things to know

The captive database consists of two different parts:
  • Zoo pages: First of all, you will see the logo of the zoo, and by clicking on it, you will be redirected to the official page of the correspondent zoo. There is a first paragraph that tells about the history of the zoo. The second paragraph is about the gorilla enclosure at that zoo. And then there are photos of the enclosure provided if available. Finally, you will see the list of gorillas kept at that park, and at the end, a family tree of the troop.
  • Gorilla pages: Each captive gorilla has its own page where you will find the name, subspecies* sex, birthdate, birthplace, capture date (if it was caught in the wild), parents, transfers and, finally, two portraits and a whole body photo. By clicking on them, you will see a larger size version of the photos, and below you will find credits for the photographer (copyright owner).


  • G.G.G: Gorilla gorilla gorilla
  • G.G.D: Gorilla gorilla diehli
  • G.B.B: Gorilla beringei beringei
  • G.B.G: Gorilla beringei graueri

The gorillas yet officially unnamed are given a provisional name based on three characters (e.g: CAB-12-01):

  1. The letters refer to the zoo where they were born or the first zoo they lived at.
  2. The first number refers to the year of their birthdate or of their arrival at that zoo.
  3. The second number is just a counter in case there are other gorillas with the same characteristics.

Copyright and sources

All the pictures on Gorillas Land are used with the express permission of their author granted exclusively for our webpage. If you would like to use any of them for any purpose, you should contact them first, which is very easy as you only have to click on the owner's name or on the photo.

Gorillas Land is a very extensive website with a lot of information, so there might be occasional delays regarding the latest updates. The sources used to build this database are mainly Wikipedia (zoo history), the official 2011 Gorilla Studbook and the unofficial Jim Davis' Studbook. To keep the website updated, we receive emails from zoo regulars and keepers, and use the internet and Facebook to look for news. Gorillas Land invites all of you to contact us if you see any mistakes, if you want to share any updates with us or if you want to send us photos of both gorillas and their facilities (email: landgorillas@gmail.com) Thanks to all the contributors!

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