Located in Jalisco, Zoológico de Guadalajara was opened to the public in March 1988. It was the first safari of the country and has the only aquarium of Mexico far away from the coast. It has an area of 50 hectares divided in different theme parts where visitors can find about 3885 animals representing an aproximation of 392 species, such as tigers, orangutans, jaguars, zebras, giraffes, sharks or fishes, between many others. They imported their first and only gorillas from Guinea in May 1989, a pair called Chato and Chiquita. They got to breed twice, the first time in 1994 (Faustina) and the second in 1998 (Iyari).

Zoológico de Guadalajara keeps currently two gorillas:





Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):

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