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Inaugurated in November 1934, Heidelberg Zoo is a large park of  10,2 hectares that keeps about 1400 animals of 162 different species, inclusing big and small primates, zebras, sea lions, sumatran tigers or asian lions between many others, participating with most of them on the European Breeding Programs (EEPs). Their first gorillas, a couple named Jitu and Moseka arrived to Heidelberg in March 1987, but they didn't get their first birth till December 2002 altough the baby lived for three months; it was a male, Chuba, born to Chuma.

Gorillas' enclosure was built when the first great apes arrived to the park in 1987 and is part of an ape house where there are also some other species of primates such as chimpanzees or sumatran orangutans. Gorillas live at a facility that has two small outdoor grassy yards and some visible indoor rooms, including both visible and not visible for visitors.

Heidelberg Zoo keeps a group of four gorillas:







Family Tree (Genelogical Chart):

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