Kölner Zoo was opened in 1857 and keeps a total of 745 different species and 9200 animals. They keep the animals in different pavilions: Sea Lions Rock, Monkey Rock, Aquarium, Jungle's House or Rainforest house between others. They participate in many European breeding programs and is member of some associations such as EAZA or WAZA. The first gorillas arrived at the park in September 1977, when a couple, Kim and Kibi, arrived to Kölner from Cameroon and Hemsbach respectively. Thirteen years later, in September 1990, Undi was born to parents Ulca and Kim and became the first gorilla birth at the park.

Gorillas' current exhibit is located at a facility that opened in 1984 named Das Urwaldhaus (Jungle's house), and which keeps other species of primates such as bonobos or orangutans. It is a big enclosure with a large outdoor prairie with bars as enrichment for gorillas and an indoor building with other kind of enrichment such as ropes. Plus, there are, as in most zoos, some other indoor bedrooms not visible for visitors.

Kölner Zoo keps a group of five gorillas:








Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):

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