Leipzig Zoo is one of the parks with most biological diversity worldwide with about 9000 animals of 800 different species from all five continents. The zoo was opened in June 1878 and covers an area of 26 hectares. In 1998 a new proyect was planned to convert the zoo on a new concept that would make it a nature park. The firs enclosure to be build was the big apes one. Their first gorillas were a very young family that arrived from Africa in May and June 1974: Twiggy, Virunga, Polo and Kamba. Virunga, still alive today at Romagne, was the first gorilla to give birth at Leipzig when she got a baby that lived for a month.

Gorillas are kept on a facility called Pongoland opened in 2001 that covers 30.000 m² and where visitor will see different enclosures for different ape kinds: gorillas, orangutans, chempanzees, bonobos and gibbons. Gorillas' outdoor prairie is 2465 and indoor is 246 .
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Zoo Leipzig keeps a group of five gorillas (silverback Abeeku):







Family tree (Genealogical Chart):

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