Inaugurated to the public in 1884, Jardim Zoologico de Lisboa is located currently at Sete Rios after being placed at many other towns of Lisboa. They have a collection of about 2000 animals of representing 330 different species and as many other zoos, they participate in aproximately 57 European Endangered Species Programme(s). Canchita, a one year old wild caught female, was the first gorilla to be kept at Zoo de Lisboa, when she arrived there in October 1959 from Angola. The first baby gorilla to be born at the park was an stillbirth born to mother Baki in May 1994.

The facility where gorillas are kept at was rebuilt in the last few years to replace their old and small building. They are kept now together with kikuyu colobus. There is a big outdoor prairie provided with a lot of enrichment including tree trunks, gateways, ropes...

Jardim Zoologico de Lisboa keeps a group of four gorillas:







Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):
Gorilla Family - Lisbon (Jardim Zoológico de Lisboa)
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