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Located in Puerto de la Cruz, Loro Parque opened its doors to the public in December 1972 and has a total area of 135.000 m² where they held the biggest collection of parrots and have the biggest penguinarium worldwide. Apart from the parrots, they are home to a lot of species such as anteaters, tigers, jaguars, chimpanzees or orcas between many others. Loro Parque participates in about 17 EEP programs, many other ESB and they are members of EAZA and AIZA. They started keeping gorillas in November 1992, when Bondo, Bianca, Yaounde, Noel and Ivo arrived to Tenerife from Münchener, Berlin and Amsterdam. Bianca was the only female that lived in this zoo and since she left in 1997 to Nürnberg, Loro Parque is home to a bachelor males group.

The facility where gorillas are kept at is called Villa Gorila and consists on a big outdoor enclosure splited in two exhibits with a total area of 3700 m². It is planted with various trees and shrub species and is provided with some waterfalls and climbing zones that serve as vantage points and to hide from others. The inside area is out from public's view and consists on nine sleeping bedrooms (one of them used for quarantine) provided with sleeping bench, ropes, automatic water dispenser and plenty of palm fronds are supplied as beeding material. The quarantine area is provided with climbing structures and other enrichment. Visitors can see gorillas from two open public view points placed on eather end of the exhibit and two window panels located in the center area of the enclosure.

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Loro Parque keeps 7 male gorillas in three groups:













Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):
Gorilla Family - Tenerife (2014)
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