The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, owned by the city of Los Angeles, is a 133-acre (54 ha) zoo founded in 1966. It is home to a collection of 1100 animals of over 250 spcies, including elephants, orangutans, reptils, tigers, koalas, giraffes, indian rhinoceros...between others. In 2002, the zoo became a certified Botanical Gardens and, spread throughout zoo grounds, there are 15 different collections, highlighting over 800 different plant species. They imported their first gorillas in March 1965, when a pair called Bom and Betsy arrived from Africa, and, in November of the same year, a new family arrived, formed by a male and three females. They had their first baby gorilla in January 1973, when Lina was born to parents Diane and Bum.

Gorillas are kept in two different groups. An small bachellor group is formed by brothers Hasani and Jabari and a family group with Kelly, Evelyn, Rapunzel, and Alafia, Their exhibit features a large enclosure for the family group and a smaller enclosure for the bachelor group. It features native African Plants, a waterfall and a stream that runs through the exhibit. There are viewing overlooks and glass areas in both enclosures. The gorilla building is not on public view and features nine bedrooms. Gorillas also have a mesh outdoor enclosure so that they can go outside when they are not able to go on public display.

Los Angeles Zoo keeps six gorillas in two groups. 



Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):

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