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Located in Bolko Island in the Oder River, Ogród Zoologiczny w Opolu was founded in 1930 with an area of 20 hectares where more than 1000 animals of about 250 species are kept at including mammals, reptils, birds and some others. They participate in many EEP and ESB programs such as rotschild giraffe, hartmann zebra, oryx, pygmy hippo, jaguars, tigers, marmosets...and are members of different associations including EAZA, ISIS, EAZWV or WAZA. Their first gorillas arrived in May 2005 from Rotterdam and they were a group of three bachelors named Abeeku, Ashmar and D'jeeco. In 2012, Abeeku was transferred to Leipzig and in 2016, D'jeeco to Taipei, leaving Ashmar alone.

Gorillas' facility was built 2005 to keep western lowland gorillas. There is an outdoor enclosure surrounded by a river and an electric fence provided with stones, trees and ropes as theming and enrichment. There are two indoor enclosures (one bigger than the other), one of them provided with a small waterfall and a river and with glass panels as barrier between animals and visitors. There are six non visible bedrooms used during night or quarantine periods.

Ogród Zoologiczny w Opolu keeps a lonely male:


Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):

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