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Located in Devon, Paignton Zoo Enviromental Park is a combined zoo and botanic garden that opened its doors to the public in 1923 and has currently a land area of 0,32 square kilometers. It is home to 2000 animals of 250 species including armadillos, lemurs, macaws, bongos, hornbills, part of its conservation mission, Paignton Zoo is member of BIAZA, EAZA, WAZA and its gardens are members of many other organizations. This zoo started keeping gorillas in April 1997, when a group of four males (Pertinax, Awali, Richard and Claus) arrived from german zoos Kölner, Krefeld and Wuppertal. Since that moment, Paignton never kept female gorillas, so they never got to breed them.

Paignton Zoo houses a bachelor group of four male gorillas:






Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):

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