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Inaugurated in June 1990, Parque de la Naturaleza de Cabárceno is a nature park located in Santander (Cantábria, Spain). It is a naturalized space reclaimed from 750 hectares of a former open pit mine. They keep over 1200 animals of about 112 different species on a natural enviroment and in huge enclosures and the park is member of EAZA and AIZA. Their star facility may be the african elephant's, on which they keep the biggest group of this species in captivity outside of Africa. Cabárceno is also the largest reserve of brown bears in Europe, with around 75 living in the park. They didn't get their first gorillas till 2007, when a couple of them, Nadia and Niky (still at the park), arrived here from Zoo Aquarium de Madrid. Their first gorilla birth happened in 2012, when Chelewa, a six years old gorilla, gave birth to a baby that died accidentally eleven days after birth.

The gorillas' facility is known by many people as one of the best enclousures for this species in Europe due to its huge size and the natural enviroment it's placed at. It has two public facilities: an outdoor prairie of 14.500 square meters and an indoor enclosure of 800 square meters. The outdoor yard has grass and trees and some tree trunks. The indoor enclosure is provided with a lot of ropes and wooden platforms to stimulate gorillas' climbing.

Parque de la Naturaleza de Cabárceno keeps seven gorillas:











Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):
Gorilla Family - Cabárceno Natural Park (2015)
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