The Pata Zoo in Bangkok occupies the top two floors of a department store on a busy street in the northern suborbs of Thailand's capital. Crammed into cages and pens across the sixth and seventh floor of the ageing building are more than 200 species. Inmates of the prison-like structure include a female gorilla, emaciated tigers or penguins. Their first gorilla was a male called Bwana that arrived in February 1984 from Gelsenkirchen. Three years later, they imported Buanoi, a female that arrived in September 1987 from Africa. Although both them lived together, they never to have babies and Bwana died in 00'.

Gorillas enclosure has an old fashionable looking and is completely indoor. It is a 10x15 meters yard concrete pen with iron bars to separated gorilla from visitors. The enclosure, has some ropes, tree trunks, a tire (shaped as a swing), and a TV as enrichment. The substratum of the facility is cement..
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Pata Zoo keeps a lonely female gorilla:


Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):

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