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Located in Blijdorp, Diergaarde Rotterdam Zoo opened its doors to the public in 1857, which converts it to one of the olddest zoos in the country, as they celebrated their 150th anniversary in 2007. The original zoo was lost in the second World War, and the current zoo was opened in December 1940. This zoo is member of two zoo associations: NVD (Dutch Zoo Federation) and EAZA (European Associtation of Zoos and Aquarium), and they participate in about 70 breeding programs. Their first gorilla arrived from Congo in June 1949; it was a female called Sophie, and they got their first gorilla birth in December 1980, when Salome gave birth to a male called Gino.

The facility for gorilla was rebuilt in 2007 after one of its gorillas, Bokito, escaped in May of that year and seriously injured a visitor. There is an outdoor prairie which gorillas share with the Greater Spot-nosed monkeys, although both species have their own indoor enclosures. The barriers in the outdoor facility includes glass pannels and false rock and has a part of big trunks where gorillas like to stay to check the facility and visitors from the highest part. The indoor facility has an old and unnatural look as it's part of the old Ape and Monkeys house and is deveided in about six small bedrooms.

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Rotterdam Zoo keeps a family of 10 gorillas (silverback Bokito):













Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):

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