The San Diego Zoo, opened in 1916, is a zoo in Balboa Park, California, housing over 3,700 animals of more than 650 species. Its parent organization, San Diego Zoo Global (which also operates the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research), is the largest zoological membership association in the world. San Diego Zoo pioneered the concept of open-air, cageless exhibits that re-create natural animal habitats. It is privately operated on 100 acres (40 ha) of parkland and is an accredited member of AZA, AAM, ZAA and WAZA. The first gorillas that arrived to San Diego Zoo were M'Bongo and N'Gagi, two males that were one year old when they arrived to California in October 1931 from Africa. Alvila, born in June 1965 to parents Vila (still alive at the San Diego safari) and Albert*, was the first baby gorilla to born at San Diego Zoo.

The zoo house two groups of gorillas, a family group that includes Jessica, Paul Donn, N'djia and Denny and a bachelor group including Maka, Mandaazi and Ekuba.  The San Diego Zoo's gorilla outdoor enclosure is a very lush exhibit provided with several waterfalls and tree trunks as enrichment for the animals. Gorillas are during the whole year at the outdoor enclosure as there is no indoor public yard, but they have bedrooms where they sleep every night.
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San Diego Zoo keeps a total of 7 gorillas:


Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):

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