Located in the city of Gwacheon, Seoul Grand Park Zoo was inaugurated in November 1909 as the first korean zoo. It was first placed at Changgyeongweon, but in 1984 it was moved to its current location. The first gorillas arrived to Seoul in April and June 1973; they were two females that came directly from Africa. One of them was named Kong, the other one was unnamed. Both them died three years after their arrival to the zoo, and although they imported more gorillas, they never got to breed. In 2012, Seoul got a new male, Ujiji, with who they spect to breed.

The facility where gorillas are kept at includes both indoor and outdoor enclosures. The indoor bedroom is provided with some wooden platforms and hammocks. The outdoor area has some tree trunks, caves and an artifical termite mound.

Seoul Grand Park Zoo keeps currently two gorillas:




Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):

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