Home to over 4000 animals, Sóstó Zoo boasts Hungary's widest and most special variety of animals. The Zoo is arranged according to continents, where several species typical of the given continent live together in the runways. African Panorama is home to African Elephants, White Rhinos, giraffes, three kind of zebras, antelopes, lions, as well as rarer species, such as cheetahs, colobus monkeys and gorillas. The first gorillas that arrived to Sóstó Zoo were two adult males called Djumbah and Bu Bu, both them coming from Howletts Wild Animal Park in June 2010. Since then, no other gorillas where transferred to Sóstó Zoo.

Gorilla's facility was opened in 2010 and is home to two western lowland gorillas. It consists on two outdoor prairies (one of them three times bigger than the other) that have a total area of 2000 square meters. They also have two visible indoor enclosure and some night bedrooms.

Sóstó Zoo keeps two young silverback gorillas:



Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):

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