Zoologischer Garten Wuppertal was opened in December 1879 with 34 animals, number that grow up today till 5000 animals of 500 different species including fish, birds, apes or monkeys from worldwide on an area of a total of 24 hectares. Their first gorillas were a couple, Roseli and Willy, and they arrived in June 1978 from Zoo Frankfurt and Nürnberg respectively. Saddly, Wuppertal's first gorilla birth was an stillbirth born to mother Ukiwa in January 2011.

The outdoor facility for gorillas was built in 2006 to celebrate the 135th anniversary of the zoo and in addition of the old indoor enclosures. It's a big prairie that has an area of 525 square meters and where gorillas can enjoy a nice natural environment. The indoor independence is split in three rooms with trunks, ropes and other toys as enrichment for gorillas and where they are kept during cold days.
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Wuppertal Zoo keeps a group of 4 gorillas:






Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):

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