Located in the city of Toluca, Zoológico de Zacango was oficially opened to the public in August 1981 as one of the best and biggest zoos in the whole latinamerica. They house about 180 different species of which some of them are endangered such as panda bears or gorillas. It has an area of 159 hectares divided in seven main theme zones: carnivores, herbivores, birds, primates, Africa and reptils. Zacango Zoo imported its first gorilla in July 1983; it was a three years old male called King that arrived directly from Africa. Some years later, the zoo imported in 1986 a female from Zoo Aquarium de Madrid, Arila, but King died in 1992 and they never got to breed.

Zoológico de Zacango is home to a female gorilla:


Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):
Gorilla: Arila
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