Inaugurated in May 1934, Zoo Duisburg is home to 2100 animals of 280 different species and has a total area of about 15,5 hectares. Between all those species, we can highligh the only amazon river dolphin in Europe, koalas, fossas, elephants and many others. The zoo is making a big effort to renovate its antiquated facilities to give their animals better enclosures as they did with the construction of Rio Negro. Duisburg got its first gorilla in November 1962; it was a five years old young male called Tarzan, who died at this institution six years later. Kiburi, born in 2008 to parents Safiri and Mapema, was the first gorilla to born at Duisburg.

Their first gorillas' facility was called Equatorium, but due to a renovation of the rules for keeping this primates, their facility was renovated and opened in 2002 under the name of Gorilla Bush. There are natural barriers that separates gorillas from visitors, such as water moats or timber poles placed vertically and tightly together to form a fence. There's also an indoor enclosure of 40 m² and three other holding rooms of 4x5 meters used as quarantine. They use trunks, ropes and two false termite mounds where keepers put honey, nuts, raisins...as enrichment. Gorillas can hide on caves when they want to have some privacy.
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Zoo Duisburg keeps a group of ten gorillas:












Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):
Gorilla Family - Duisburg (Version 3)
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