Inaugurated in September 1929 with an area of 28 hectares, Zoo Zürich is home to 4000 animals of 368 different species from Southamerica, Africa and Eurasia. They are members of some zoo associations such as WAZA, EAZA or VDZ and they participate in about 40 European Breeding Programs (EEP), including siberian tigers, snow leopard, indian lion, banteng and of course, gorillas. Their first gorillas were Copo and Copina, a couple that arrived from Hannover Zoo in April 1963, and Moja, born in 1986, was the first of this species to born at the zoo.

Zoo Zürich plans to build a new apes facility for gorillas and orangutans before 2020. Currently, they keep this animals in two enclosures: an outdoor prairie of 110 square meters provided with trunks, where gorillas have access to stay when the weather allows it, and an indoor bedroom known as the Glass Box of 108 X 20 meters once again with tree trunks and ropes. The barriers with visitors are always glass pannels.
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Zoo Zürich keeps a group of 7 gorillas leadered by N'gola:









Family Tree (Genealogical Chart):

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